Landy’s Testimonials

“I live in a really beautiful modern house in Nashville, on top of a hill with beautiful views. It’s still a little bohemian but Art Deco, much more together, more grown up. I’m working with a designer now, Landy Gardner in Nashville.”
Karen Elson, Supermodel

“Landy Gardner is a gifted interior designer who has helped us create an individuality in each of our homes that is unique. The results of his efforts always prove to be spectacular and amazing. Landy is a genius at visualizing and creating a look and feel in a space, unimagined by others but envied by many.”
– Joanne and Mark Hazelwood

“I have had the pleasure of working with Landy Gardner and his team both professionally for my businesses and personally for my home. Landy has an ability to find pieces and put design ideas together that are totally unique and special. His designs have contributed to our success at The Patterson House, Merchant’s, and The Catbird Seat. On top of being a brilliant interior designer, he is also just a lot of fun. I adore Landy as a designer and as a friend.”
– Max Goldberg

“The highest compliment I can offer is that I never walk into a home and think, “It’s a Landy Gardner.” He is so incredibly talented that he creates environments for individuals that clearly reflect them, not him. The only way I know it’s a “Landy Gardner Home” is that it’s gorgeous, with immaculate attention to detail and spot-on color selections. Landy doesn’t let a client make a mistake. When a friend of mine said she couldn’t “afford” Landy, I told her that she would end up spending more money because she would have less satisfaction, mistakes would be made, and she would ultimately have to re-do whatever had been done. I absolutely adore Landy. I’d pay just to hang out with him!”
– Sylvia Rapoport

“Landy is incredible at working with his clients in a way that reflects each one’s personal style and lifestyle needs. Every project is unique to the individual, and no two of his houses look the same. He is great at collaborating with architects and builders rather than demanding complete ownership, so that when he does feel strongly about a particular decision, there is trust and respect already established. He is talented at so many different aspects of the design process. In our homes, Landy has contributed to cabinet design and layout and fully understands the necessary balance between aesthetic appeal and function. He always has fresh ideas on the best room layouts, fabric and furniture choices and other elements that will compliment the way we use each room in our house. I also appreciate the way he works within budgets and timelines. He and his staff execute jobs on deadlines and without exceeding financial stipulations. We have a wonderful relationship with Landy, both personally and professionally, and love the spaces he has helped us create for our family.”
– Trisha and Chuck Elcan

“Landy was responsible for creating one of our family’s favorite and most memorable homes. Landy is a remarkable talent, who creates personality, character and charm within the space… all the while never losing sight of his clients’ needs. He sees how the space will be used as he imagines the family living in the home. One of the best… anywhere… period.”
– Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

Phillip’s Testimonials

“Philip Suits is a delight to work with in all aspects of the interior design process. He listens respectfully to your opinions, is a very organized, creative person with great resources and ideas. We would not hesitate to use him for any future projects.”
Christine DeFrance-President Tuscan Weddings

“Purchasing a high rise condo unit in a pre-construction sale was out of the norm from my previous real estate transactions. Phillip did an excellent job in allowing me to offer a conceptual idea and then transforming that idea into an outstanding interior space that fits the architectural flavor of the building.
David Berndt, Regional Director—Technical Innovations, Nashville TN

“Phillip is very professional and the quality of his service excellent. He gives good guidance, direction, and advice without being pushy or overbearing. An attentive listener, Phillip presents options and shares ideas, but ultimate decisions are collaborative and my opinions and lifestyle are always respected. He is great to work with!”
Kim Logan VP, Business Development. DermStore/

“Phillip’s ability to translate our vision of understated elegance into a home that is warm and unique is a tribute to his skill. Construction deadlines were met, budgets were respected, and typical problems solved with minimal tension. A pleasing experience from beginning to end.”
Steve Thomas, President Thomas and Thorngren, Inc.